Green Organic Villas

Special for…

Total relaxation

If you are looking for a total relaxation Green Organic Villas is the perfect choice.

Couple of days (or maybe weeks ☺ ) at the Green Organic Villas; the gentle  Vietnamese sun, delicious food  and relaxing massages, gives a guaranteed result. Add to this clean air of our province, happily living without any stress and you will be back home refreshed.


Kid’s pool

For our most important guests with a depth of 0.8 meters and warm water. Located next to the main pool, which allows you to keep an eye on frolicking children, not looking up from reading a favorite book.


Let us pamper your little ones with s special care. From a complimentary breakfast to start the day to a free comfy cot and baby chair…

Pet lovers

You would like to take some vacation but you don’t like idea of living your pet at home? No problem! Here, at Green Organic Villas, we treat pets like royalty ☺

Honeymoon & wedding

Last years Vietnam is becoming a popular destination not only for the seekers of exotic and adventurers, but for more serious intentions, even for the most serious.   Our team will be happy to organize the ceremony of your dreams.

Kite paradise

If for you the word “wind” has a magical color and attracts like a magnet, then you do not need to be told  why here in Vietnam are so many stories of  imperceptible transformation of 2 weeks kite holiday into a 3-month kite wintering accidentally rolling into the kite-emigration. Wind season lasts from November to April. And yes,  here wind blow every day 🙂


We boldly and brazenly declared: “We are the perfect Yoga Hotel”! The nice little things like view of the dawn sun, the breath of the sea, amazing energetics and absolute silence are provided by hospitable of Vietnam.


Visit us for birthday party of the company, seminar  or team buildings. We have prepared a great projector for presentation,  WI-FI and 329 sunny days per year .

Green Organic Villas can be yours

Our compact size is causing only one inconvenience – we are often sold out in the months ahead, but it provides unique opportunity – not to have any neighbors except the flock of Vietnamese children over the fence. Our hotel is ideal for groups of 14-32 people.